• Scientific publications

    • 2017

    • An Integrative interdisciplinary Perspective on Social Dominance Hierarchies
      Qu C, Ligneul R, Van Der Henst JB, and Dreher JC
      Trends in Cognitive Sciences, In Press, PDF

    • Integration of individual and social information for decision-making in groups of different sizes
      Park SA, Goïame S, O'Connor DA and Dreher JC
      PLoS Biol 15(6): e2001958. PDF

    • Social brains and divides: the interplay between social dominance orientation and the neural sensitivity to hierarchical ranks
      Ligneul R, Girard R, and Dreher JC
      Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 45920 doi:10.1038/srep45920 PDF

    • Hormone therapy at early postmenopause increases cognitive control-related prefrontal activity
      Girard R, Météreau E, Thomas J, Pugeat M, Qu C, and Dreher JC
      Scientific Reports 7:44917 - doi: 10.1038/srep44917 PDF

    • The neuro-computational architecture of value-based selection in the human brain
      Domenech P, Redouté J, Koechlin E, and Dreher JC
      Cerebral Cortex, 2017(1), 1–17. doi: 10.1093/cercor/bhw396 PDF

    • 2016

    • Dynamical representation of dominance relationships in the human medial prefrontal cortex
      Ligneul R, Obeso I, Ruff C, and Dreher J-C
      Current Biology 2016 (26), 1-9. Doi: 10.1016/j.cub.2016.09.015 PDF

    • A Probabilistic Model of Social Decision Making based on Reward Maximization
      Khalvati K, Park SA, Dreher JC, and Rao RP
      Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), pp. 2901-2909. 2016. PDF

    • Testosterone causes both prosocial and antisocial status-enhancing behaviors in human males
      Dreher JC, Dunne S, Pazderska A, Frodl T, Nolan JJ, and O'Doherty JP
      PNAS 2016 (113), 11633–11638. Doi: 10.1073/pnas.1608085113 PDF

    • The neural dynamics of reward value and risk coding in the human orbitofrontal cortex
      Li Y, Vanni-Mercier G, Isnard J, Mauguière F, and Dreher JC
      Brain 2016; doi: 10.1093/brain/awv409 PDF

    • 2015

    • Local morphology predicts functional organization of experienced value signals in the human orbitofrontal cortex
      Li Y, Sescousse G, Amiez C, and Dreher JC
      Journal of Neuroscience, 35(4):1648 –1658, 2015 PDF

    • The medial orbitofrontal cortex encodes a general expected value signal during anticipation of both appetitive and aversive events
      Metereau E, and Dreher JC
      Cortex, Volume 63, Pages 42–54, February 2015 PDF

    • 2014

    • Hormonal treatment increases the response of the reward system at the menopause transition: A counterbalanced randomized placebo-controlled fMRI study
      J Thomas, E Météreau, H Déchaud, M Pugeat, and JC Dreher
      Psychoneuroendocrinology, Volume 50, December 2014, Pages 167–180 PDF

    • A common currency for the computation of motivational values in the human striatum
      G Sescousse, Y Li, and JC Dreher
      Social Cognitive & Affective Neuroscience, May 16. pii: nsu074 PDF

    • Additive Gene-Environment Effects on Hippocampal Structure in Healthy Humans
      U Rabl, B Meyer, K Diers, L Bartova, A Berger, D Mandorfer, A Popovic, C Scharinger, J Huemer, K Kalcher, G Pail, H Haslacher, Thomas Perkmann, C Windischberger, B Brocke, H Sitte, D Pollak, J-C Dreher, S Kasper, N Praschak-Rieder, E Moser, H Esterbauer, and L Pezawas
      J Neurosci. 2014 Jul 23;34(30):9917-26. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.3113-13.2014 PDF

    • Endogenous cortisol levels are associated with an imbalanced striatal sensitivity to monetary versus non-monetary cues in pathological gamblers
      Y Li, G Sescousse, and JC Dreher
      Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 25;8:83. doi: 10.3389/fnbeh.2014.00083 PDF

    • State-dependent value representation: evidence from the striatum.
      Burke CJ, Dreher JC, Seymour B, and Tobler PN
      Front Neurosci. 2014 Jul 15;8:193. doi: 10.3389/fnins.2014.00193. eCollection 2014. PDF

    • 2013

    • Imbalance in the sensitivity to different types of rewards in pathological gambling
      G Sescousse, G Barbalat, P Domenech B, J-C Dreher
      Brain, doi: 10.1093/brain/awt126, first published on-line June 2013 PDF

    • Cerebral correlates of salient prediction error for different rewards and punishments
      E Météreau and J-C Dreher.
      Cerebral Cortex, 23(2):477-87, 2013 PDF

    • Shifted risk preferences in pathological gambling
      Ligneul, G Sescousse, G Barbalat, P Domenech, J-C Dreher
      Psychological Medecine, vol 43, n°5, 1059-1068, 2013 PDF

    • Processing of primary and secondary rewards: a quantitative meta-analysis and review of human functional neuroimaging studies
      G Sescousse, X Caldù, B Segura, J-C Dreher
      Neuroscience and Biobehavioral reviews PDF

    • Neural coding of computational factors involved in decision making
      J-C Dreher.
      Progress in Brain Research, 202:289-320, 2013 PDF

    • Neural dynamics of reward probability coding: a Magnetoencephalographic study in humans
      J Thomas, G Vanni-Mercier and J-C Dreher
      Frontiers in Neuroscience, vol 7, article 214, 2013 PDF

    • Long-lasting effects of performancecontingent unconscious and conscious reward incentives on task switching processes
      R Capa, C Bouquet, A Dufour and JC Dreher
      Cortex, 2013 Jul-Aug;49(7):1943-54 PDF

    • 2012

    • Common and differential pathophysiological features accompany comparable cognitive impairments in medication-free patients with schizophrenia and in healthy aging subjects
      J-C Dreher, P. Koch, P. Kohn, J. Apud, D. Weinberger and K.F. Berman
      Biological Psychiatry, 1(10):890-7, 2012 PDF

    • 2010

    • Separate valuation subsystems for delay and effort decision costs
      C. Prévost, M. Pessiglione, E. Météreau, M-L. Cléry-Melin, J-C Dreher
      Journal of Neuroscience, 30(42):14080-90, 2010 PDF

    • The architecture of reward value coding in the orbitofrontal cortex
      G. Sescousse, J. Redouté, J-C Dreher
      Journal of Neuroscience, 30(39):13095-104, 2010 PDF

    • Decision threshold modulation in the human brain
      P. Domenech and J-C Dreher
      Journal of Neuroscience, 30(43):14305-14317, 2010 PDF

    • 2009

    • The hippocampus codes the uncertainty of cue-outcome associations: an intracranial electrophysiological study in humans
      G. Vanni-Mercier, F. Mauguière, J. Isnard, M Guénot and J-C Dreher
      Journal of Neuroscience, 29(16): 5287–5294, 2009 PDF

    • Variation in dopamine genes influences responsivity of the human reward system
      J-C Dreher, P. Kohn, B. Kolachana, D.R. Weinberger and K.F. Berman
      Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, vol 106 no. 2, 617-622, 2009 PDF

    • 2008

    • Age-related changes in midbrain dopaminergic regulation of the human reward system
      J-C Dreher, A. Meyer-Lindenberg, P. Kohn and K.F Berman
      Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, vol. 105 no. 39, 15106-15111, 2008 PDF

    • Damage to the fronto-polar cortex is associated with impairment in multitasking,
      J-C Dreher, E. Koechlin, M. Tierney, J. Grafman
      PLoS One, Volume 3, Issue 9: e3227, 2008 PDF

    • Silence is golden: transient neural deactivation in the Prefrontal Cortex during attentive reading
      Lachaux, J.P, Jung, J, Mainy, N, J-C Dreher Bertrand, O, Baciu, M, Minotti, L., Hoffmann, D., Kahane, P.
      Cerebral Cortex, Feb;18(2):443-50, 2008 PDF

    • 2007

    • Hormonal and genetic influences on processing reward and social informations
      X. Caldú and J-C Dreher
      Ann N Y Acad Sci. 1118:43-73, 2007 PDF

    • Sensitivity of the brain to loss aversion during risky gambles,
      J-C Dreher
      Trends in Cognitive Sciences, Vol 11, Issue 7, 270-272, 2007 PDF

    • Menstrual cycle phase modulates reward-related neural function in women
      J-C Dreher, P.J. Schmidt, P. Kohn, D. Furman, D. Rubinow, K.F. Berman
      , Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 104 (7), 2465-2470, 2007 PDF

    • 2006

    • Neural coding of distinct statistical properties of reward information in humans
      J-C. Dreher, P Kohn, K Berman
      Cerebral Cortex, 16 (4): 561-573, 2006 PDF

    • 2003

    • Dissociating the roles of the rostral anterior cingulate and the lateral prefrontal cortex in performing two tasks simultaneously or successively
      J-C. Dreher, J Grafman
      Cerebral Cortex, 13 (4), 329-339, 2003 PDF

    • 2002

    • Fractionating the neural substrate of cognitive control processes
      J-C. Dreher, K Berman
      Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 99 (22), 14595-14600, 2002 PDF

    • A model of prefrontal cortex dopamine modulation in the delayed alternation task
      J-C. Dreher, E Guigon, Y Burnod.
      Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 14 (6), 853-865, 2002 PDF

    • The roles of timing and task order during task switching
      J-C. Dreher, E Koechlin, S.O Ali, J Grafman
      Neuroimage, 17 (1), 95-109, 2002 PDF

    • An integrative theory of the phasic and tonic modes of dopamine modulation in the prefrontal cortex
      J-C. Dreher, Y Burnod.
      Neural Networks, 15/4-6, 583-602, 2002 PDF

    • The roles of the cerebellum and basal ganglia in timing and error prediction
      J-C Dreher, J Grafman
      European journal of Neuroscience, 16 (8), 1609-1619, 2002 PDF

    • 2001

    • Temporal order and spatial memory in schizophrenia: a parametric study
      J-C. Dreher, J-P Banquet, J-F Allilaire, M-L Paillere-Martinot, B Dubois, Y Burnod
      Schizophrenia research, 51 (2-3), 137-147, 2001 PDF

    • 1999

    • Planning dysfunction in schizophrenia: impairment of potentials preceding fixed/free and single/sequence of self-initiated finger movements.
      J-C Dreher, W Trapp, J-P Banquet, M Keil, W Günther, Y Burnod
      Exp. Brain Res., 124 (2): 200-14, 1999 PDF

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